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In today's age there are basically two ways of earning money. The first one is through employment. This means applying for a job somewhere and doing your best there so that you get paid and wish for promotion so that you get a higher salary. There is no doubt that majority of the population take this route as they see it as the stable path. 


The second one is through business. This would typically involve a bigger risk as there is no way to know if your business will be successful or not and if it doesn't become successful then you money would have been put to waste. A much smaller portion of the population go for this option because they want to be in control of their time and the income that they earn. 


Now some of those in business decide to take up real estate. They believe that Real estate properties for sale for foreigner investors is a worthy investment to take that is why they choose this option. Now in this business this means that you will buy and sell investment properties. In order for you to make a profit in this business you have to be able to buy a good property and sell it for a much higher price. 


So how do you know on which properties to invest? Well for that you can use the real estate industry report. You may also read the business news in your country or even abroad. 


When it comes to real estate investment properties, there are many options that you have for buying and selling. One such kind of property that you can buy and sell is rental investment properties. With this you can have a monthly income from it. You can choose to buy a previously-owned rental property and then have it refurbished before you have it rented out. Another option you have is to sell it to someone who is also looking for a rental property. This is one of the things that you can do in this business. 


In order to succeed in this kind of business, one of the things that you can do is to get a mentor, someone who has already succeeded in this business. You can meet with your mentor to get advice. Also you have to stay on top of real estate industry news so that you know which properties are seen as prime or will be the next hot market.